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08 January 2007


my name is alfred reyna and on april 6,1998 i was taken to trial by greg la forge.i was representend first by pat marshall and a few weeks before the trial my case was handed over to arthur cantu. this attorneys tricked and deprived me of a fair trial.they did this by not allowing me to subpeona witnesses in my defense or even allow me to present evidence in my defense.i feel that greg la forge was paid to fabricate this case against to keep me from winning a workmans comp case that i was fighting at the time.pat marshal and arthur cantu went along with them.they used allen macabee to set me up.they made a deal with macabee not to prosecue him for a rape he had committed around that in exchange for setting me up.i was sent to prison and then deported and i did not even commit that crime.i was not allowed to be there for my daughter as she grew up.i was also not allowed to be there for my mother as she grew sick and died.I pray to GOD that this people will be expose for the pain they have caused my family because of their greed

The comment from embattled and discredited attorney Pekin is too much. Sarsfield prosecuted and convicted in criminal court Supervisor De La Cruz. He declined to prosecute Iggy Velasquez because the election department verified that while Velasquez did break the law, they (the election department) told him (Iggy) that he could. Finally, Sarsfield succeeded in getting an injunction against the board of supervisors, including the corrupt De La Cruz, Botelho, and "Reb" Monaco. Sarsfield was recognized for his efforts to stop corruption in San Benito by the Society of Professional Journalists, which certainly do not count the Free Pants as a member.

Our office is located at 10 South Filice Street in Salinas, CA. FYI, that's in Monterey County. Our office focuses on criminal law and family law in Monterey County. Occaisionally we work in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz and San Benito.

I notice that you failed to comment on Sarsfield's lawsuit against San Benito County. I also don't see anything here about how all of his cases have been dismissed, including the last one on January 12, 2007. I guess the absolute failure of John Sarsfield to back up any of his claims, or his office for that matter, doesn't mean much to you.

Patrick Pekin

Great Article on the State of the “San Benito Nation”.

If I may, I would like to make clear a few things in regards to what has been put up concerning “Inside San Benito”, the “HFPO”, and my involvement in both.

The HFPO was a collective effort from about 10 members of the Hollister community who were sick and tired of the drivel being passed off by Mean Street Media as "news" in Hollister. We all know countless examples of their biased reporting, now thanks to the Mercury News' in depth story.

My specific role with the HFPO was that of IT consultant. The HFPO was primarily controlled, for the majority of its existence by Paul Grannis. Later, after Paul retired, it was briefly run by Vince Lewiston and Joe Raleigh. Eventually the website had to shut down.

Recognizing a need for a media source, even one web based, that isn't controlled by Steve "Stalin" Staloch, the iron fisted ruler of the Freelance and all Mean Street Media publications, I took the initiative to create Inside San Benito.

Inside San Benito will have a very different feel from the HFPO, but will provide the same opportunity for Hollister residents to vent on the various and numerous mis-truths and errors from the “Free Pants”.

All comments are welcome, and will be posted without editing, except in the case of libel.

Happy New Year to all of the ROG readers.

Brian Conroy

Inside San Benito


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