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22 November 2006


"This test is used to prevent automated robots from posting comments."

Hey, what the hell is THIS? No friggin' robot can match my prose, buddy-boy.

Hey, Meier-admit you lie. I saw you buying your daily Dispatch from a newspaper machine at JV liquors. Those senior-citizen eye exam shades and baseball cap didn't fool me a bit, buddy.

No beer?

thanks for the comment, Chief Bob. So, how soon can we expect to see an Indian casino on the 660? Or is a hilltop gaming megamall more likely?

What the hell, Meier? What are you, some sort of stinkin' commie or sumpin'?

So the aptly-named Peter Dreckmeier got his ears pinned back, so what?

The voters saw Measure A for the tree-hugger shuck it was.

And it's your turn to buy the brew, creep. Westside Cafe?

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