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03 January 2008


Bastard. You totally gronked "Flea Ranch" from me.

Reporters — can't trust any of 'em. :P

Dear Doug Meier --

Let it be known, as you have said countless times in your stories, that I AM NOT WRITING for your wonderful news blog, but rather, am merely finally commenting on the outstanding public service that you have rendered to the Silicon Valley/San Benito/Gooberville region.

Thank you, Doug. I, for one, think you are one of the finest and funniest writers ever to grace this shithole. I feel fortunate to have had the good fortune of reading your sage and insightful pearls of hilarity and truth regarding the real history of politics and greed in this area. Thank you so much, for being such a champion of veracity, and of me, when no one else could give a flying fuck. You are so highly regarded among many in Gooberville, though you may not know it.

You are our Hero,

Yours Most Truly,

Kate Woods

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