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24 October 2006


Well, boy, it's a dang good thing you weren't around here flapping yer gums when we flattened that commie Measure G attempt in 2004. Now I can build lots and lots of stucco hellholes here in south county San Benito on my 569,000 inherited acres in whitey land, Bitterwater. THANK the ALMIGHTY WHITE GOD and OLD GLORY, my retarded offspring won't just go to Yale, they're gonna buy it. Yes sir! From Dick C.

What's your major malfunction, did mommy never hug you?

[the above email comment was posted through an anonymizing program to guarantee the sender's anonymity. why he or she can't step forward into the light is anyone's guess. Doug]

You may be interested in a parody blog that covers similar issues, purportedly written by "Southern California Realtors Against Santa Clara County," at:


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